Create and Fill Your Own Reusable Sticker Book

Create and Fill Your Own Reusable Sticker Book

We all know that stickers are essential for any kind of decorations, artwork, and sometimes reward for good work. Everyone loves to decorate their work and especially children who are usually more interested in arts and crafts, love these sticker types of things. The only problem is that these stickers can only be used once and then they are of no use. So in this guide, we will tell you how to create a reusable sticker book that you can use again and again.

Creating Reusable Sticker Book

Are you looking for the best ways to create your own reusable sticker book? If yes, then you are at the right place. We will guide you step by step with all the tips and tricks for creating your own reusable sticker book.

These stickers can be used again and again without the problems of being torn and irritating residue. It will just take 2-3 hours and then you can enjoy your unlimited sticker collection in your own handmade reusable sticker book.

So are you ready to learn this useful thing? Keep reading to know all the steps and some tactics for the best results.


Material  for sticker book

You will need the following material for your reusable sticker book:

  • Cardstock (8.5 x 11 sheets)
  • Wax paper (transparent, not brown)
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher
  • Twine or string
  • Double-sided tape
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Ruler

Easy Steps to Follow

Step 1: Designing the Cover

Designing cover page

The designing of the cover page has always been a very essential and tricky thing as it requires some professional skills. First of all, you have to design an appealing cover for your sticker book. Take the 8.5 x 11 inches cardstock of your favorite color. You can then decorate it as per your choice. Write your name neatly with suitable colors which are clearly visible on your cover page. You can also add the title “My Reusable Sticker Book” for a more perfect and catchy look.

Step 2: Cover Pages in Wax Paper

Wax Paper

Now use some pieces of 8.5 x 11 inches cardstock as pages for your sticker book. They can have any color of your choice. You can have as many pages in your sticker book as you want.

The very important thing here is the trick that will make your stickers reusable. Wax paper is the solution for a perfect reusable sticker book.

Stickers stuck to wax paper can be easily used multiple times and are easy to peel off. This is the reason why the wax paper is used for perfect sticker storage.

Following are the ways to incorporate the wax paper:

  • Cut the wax paper according to the size of your pages of sticker book.
  • Use tape to fix the wax paper without any wrinkles on the pages.
  • Repeat the above 2 points for all the pages except the last one which is the back cover.

After covering pages in wax paper, your sticker book is now having a front and back cover with pages covered with wax paper for re-usability.

Step 3: Binding the Book

Book binding

You can simply staple your sticker book or bind it. For binding the book, use a hole puncher for making the holes along the side of pages. Keep in mind that you are punching holes at equally spaced points as it will give a neat look. Use pencil and scale for correct marking of position for holes. Before making holes, make sure that your pages are aligned and arranged properly. Use paperclip for perfect alignment of pages. You can use the string and twine for binding the sticker book. Bind it in a neat way so that it looks unique and professional.

Now close the book and have a look at your binding, it should look like a decent book. You are done with the binding of your reusable sticker book now.

Step 4: Fill with Stickers


You are almost done with this task. Now the interesting part is filling your sticker book with amazing stickers of your choice which can be readily used multiple times. You can download some amazing stickers from here or use them from your own collection.

Some Unique Ideas to Fill Your Sticker Book 

Here are some unique ideas to fill up your reusable sticker book in more exciting ways.

Adjective Game

Adjective Game

It’s a very good idea if you are making a sticker book for kids. The word-picture association and practice with adjectives will make your sticker book more exciting and good for kids learning purposes. Your child can then select stickers according to some adjective for blank pages. These types of games can be played many times as you are now having reusable stickers.

Sticker Story

Sticker Story

Another amazing way to make your sticker book more appealing and helpful for learning is to tell a story through your sticker collection. Your child can add stickers to blanks for completing some missing story details. Each time you will get a new story as your stickers are reusable. This game is also liked by adults as it is quite entertaining to have some different stories by just placing the different sorts of stickers.

Setting Exciting Scenes

Setting scenes

This is also a very interesting way to use stickers effectively. You can have some background pages printed for your kids and then they can place the stickers for setting the scenes of their choice. It’s a good way of learning for children along with the imagination challenges which are for sure boosting their thinking skills. The stickers can be removed and adjusted frequently as per the requirement as they can be used multiple times.

Sticker book

We hope that you loved this article for creating your own exciting reusable sticker books in easy-to-follow steps. Now go ahead and create your own lovely reusable sticker book now.