Some Easy and Trending Halloween Costume Ideas

Some Easy and Trending Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is on us and we all are excited to make sure that our 2021 Halloween costume will go in history books. Looking for some different yet perfect Halloween costume this time? If yes, then you are at the right place. Halloween, also known as All Saints’ Eve, is celebrated on 31st Oct every year. The activities performed at this event are attending Halloween costume parties, lighting bonfires, divination games, visiting haunted attractions and telling scary stories, etc. Halloween costumes are traditionally modeled after supernatural figures such as monsters, vampires, ghosts, skeletons, devils, and witches. So here in this list, we will tell you about some easy and trending Halloween costume ideas.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween looks

Halloween costumes are very essential for celebrating the event as it’s a proper theme-based event that totally depends on the relevant costume. Halloween costume can be very simple, or it can be very stylish, as per your choice, but it must be according to the theme. Here you can have a look at some of the amazing costume ideas for this Halloween party.


clueless look

If you are clueless about your Halloween costume, then go with one of the trending clueless looks this time. Take the yellow plaid set which is giving clueless vibes, and check the amazing pattern which can be used later as well.

Nerd or Britney

You can have Britney Spears Halloween costume with some modern touch. Does a nerd even count as a costume? Yes, by putting a zombie spin on it.


You can show your inner spirit animal by wearing some animal print dress. Top with a cute cat ear headband and kitten heels can complete your perfect Halloween look.



One of the most trending Halloween costumes is the perfect Devil look. You can go for a red shirt and pants rather than a red dress if you are going for a low-key Halloween party. The fiery look with long boots and heavy makeup is a must for a perfect devil look.


Bunny costume

The Bunny is a staple Halloween costume. If you are not having any idea about your Halloween look, then go with this quick yet best idea, as we all have some pieces of clothes which can go perfectly with this costume idea. Pop on a plush bunny tail, to complete this adorable look for Halloween.


This costume is always in trend and should always be on your mind, in case any other style didn’t work. Use an all-black outfit, with cat ear headbands and you are ready for your Halloween party. To add more style to it, use black eyeliner for drawing nose and whiskers on your face.

Misty Day

Misty Look

The key to this look is jewelry with a worn-in look, patterned tops, and long skirts. To add more perfection to your Misty Day look, use heavy makeup and braided or curly hair. Accessorizing with a deck of tarot cards is always an excellent idea.



This look is incomplete without distressed clothes. Paint some blood to your face and wear distressed clothes for the perfect Zombie look for this Halloween party.


It’s a classic movie that is recognized by everyone. Don’t forget the grease or hairspray with this look. It’s a perfect idea for Grease-themed parties or for last-minute costume party ideas.


Zorro-Halloween Costume

It’s another classic idea that can be used with some trendy items. All-black outfits with lace-up and western details like studs are perfect for this theme. Cut out some black fabric for the mask and you are almost done. This is one of the trending and best looks for both males and females.



You can have lots of ideas and inspirations for the Halloween look, from Pirates of the Caribbean. Try variations of these Halloween costumes with embroidered details, studs, lace-ups, and self-tie details. You can go with long flowy skirts and form-fitting black pants for this look. If you don’t want a hat, you can go with a headscarf for a complete pirate outfit.


Halloween looks

It’s an easy-to-copy look, which will be loved by everyone. All you need is a black off-shoulder top, lots of statement necklaces, bold earrings, and a hat. Braid your hair as Bey does it. This look is very unique and is widely copied by very famous personalities as well.

The Halloween look is all about your creativity and ideas in your mind for amazing and stylish looks. It’s very easy to recreate the look of your favorite characters, celebrities, or animals for the perfect Halloween look. We hope that you found some unique ideas and inspirations this time. Time to get creative and think of this year’s Halloween look!